Now you don’t need to be a Python developer with 10 years experience, but a good understanding of Python concepts and being able to use it for network automation tasks is a must. A network engineer keeps everyone in the business connected using a mix of intranets, extranets, LANs and WANS. They monitor the business’ data throughput rate and assess whether upgrades are needed in order to meet future demands.

what is a network engineer

The average Network Administrator salary in United Kingdom is £30,000. Entry level positions start at £21,000 per year while most experienced workers make up to £51,000 per year. With classroom learning, the apprentice will get to learn and practice from a subject matter specialist. Barnsley College has a range of sports opportunities for all students to take part in, gain professional training and compete nationally and internationally. We also have a state-of-the-art fitness village, Honeywell Sports Village where students can make use of our fitness suite, spinning studio and classes for competitive rates. You don’t have to be studying sport to get involved in the Sports Academy.


Most network engineers today are still configuring networks the same way they have done for the last 20 years. Using console cables and CLI, configuring one device at a time with configuration files saved on laptops with random naming conventions depending on what mood they are in. Are you ready to take the first steps into your new career as a network engineer? Upload your CV to the Robert Half website and start browsing open vacancies today.

  • Upon completing this qualification individuals are known as a CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional).
  • To be able to do this effectively a Network Engineer must interpret technical information and understand organisational requirements and expectations.
  • Working in large companies pays more since they have more significant resources.
  • You’ll be trusted to continually optimise business networks and design them with security in mind.

Your aim is to ensure the integrity of high availability network infrastructure to provide maximum performance for your users. To write a job description, we recommend starting with a job description template from our job description library, which contains examples for 800+ positions and professions. Our job description examples include a job summary with duties and responsibilities and skills and requirements, which can be personalised for your job vacancy.

English and Maths:

Our vibrant campus brings state-of-the-art facilities to enhance your learning and elevate your student experience. Our award-winning teaching building, The Spark is centred around students and offers a stimulating study environment with flexible learning spaces. Away from studying, why not try out the gyms, fitness studios and sports halls in our £28 million Sports Complex, or watch a blockbuster film at our student-run cinema with Dolby Atmos audio. It’s one of the most complex areas of game planning as network programmers not only need to have an excellent understanding of game programming but also of network protocols and client/server engineering. After completing 12-months of training and development, apprentices will submit their portfolio of work experience – along with a reference from their employer.

  • Robert Half’s latest report will help your business get ahead in a busy hiring market.
  • Typical responsibilities of the job include installing and configuring computer networks and systems, identifying and solving any problems that arise with computer networks and systems.
  • While most course costs are covered by your tuition fees, some essential resources and optional extras may need to be paid for separately.
  • You can boost your earning potential by completing a CCNP certification and by gaining experience in an enterprise LAN/WAN environment.
  • It may be possible to enter this career without a degree, provided you have significant experience.
  • These degree subjects have a similar skill set that is required in the role of a network engineer which shows employers that you have a solid knowledge of computer science.
  • At a very basic level, network engineers are responsible for putting together, developing and maintaining computer networks in their place of work.

A network engineer salary is determined typically by experience, soft and technical skills, and the scale of responsibilities in the organisation. Find out what a network engineer is earning this year and other factors affecting the industry. Network engineers work at all levels of the business; they report directly to key stakeholders, assist other employees with technical issues, and communicate with third-party providers. With that in mind, the most successful professionals are people with excellent communication skills and a methodical, calm-headed approach to problem-solving.

What grades can apprentices achieve?

Experience of one or more automation tools like Ansible, Terraform, Puppet etc. A desire to continue learning and an automation first approach to everything they do. As a network engineer, you maintain the connectivity of networks in organisations. You ensure the data, calls, videos, voice and wireless network services are available. The role involves formulating, executing and implementing entire computer networks in a company. You also provide quality network infrastructure, performance and security to end users.

Does network engineer need coding?

You'll need to know how to program in at least one language, such as Python, Ruby, or Java. Each of these will allow you to learn the essential concepts of programming; and then if your new job requires additional languages, you'll be able to transfer over the conceptual basics.

The EPA is conducted by an external assessor, and will include the following elements that need to be completed in order to finish the apprenticeship. Apprentices will have access to Work Coaches who are fully qualified professionals with relevant industry experience. These coaches provide academic study in a practical context, linking real-life examples while guiding you through any challenges you might face along the way. Python is a one of the most popular programming languages in use today. Whilst not designed for automating network devices, it is very good at performing scripting tasks, which is what most network configuration is based on. A network engineer installs and maintains a network of linked computers and other equipment, such as telephones.

Duties of a Network Engineer:

But it will be above the applicable minimum wage (see Apprentice Minimum Wage). Every Apprenticeship includes an End Point Assessment (EPA), which is a crucial step in demonstrating your knowledge, skills and behaviours. The EPA will take place at the end of your programme where you will need to show competency over what you have learned throughout your apprenticeship. EPAs are delivered by independent End Point Assessment providers such as AAT, BCS, Highfield etc. Network engineers can choose to broaden their careers into fields such as management or customer focused roles.

This is one of the fears that automation and AI will replace network engineers. The truth of the matter is that businesses need network engineers more, they just need them to do more and this is where automation helps. If any of the above appeals to you and you understand that Chef is not a cook and Python is not a snake, then you could be a network automation engineer.

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Apprenticeship standards are employer-led, meaning that employers can specify exactly what’s required from an apprentice in each specific role. They outline the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to carry out your job role which are delivered and carried out both in the workplace, through teaching & learning and independent learning. All the skills, knowledge and behaviours must be met in full for you to achieve your Apprenticeship.

what is a network engineer