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Ship & Plant Repair / Maintenance

Royal Castle Engineering has a pool of professional marine  engineers who are prepared to work round the clock to meet the  client’s needs and ensure minimum downtime for vessels under  repair. Our dedicated workforce and world class equipment enable Royal  Castle meet clients’ needs in all phases of marine work.

As a company we have a policy of continuous training of our staff,  be it training in OSHA or modern engineering practices we make a  concerted effort to always remain at the fore front of recent  developments in ship servicing.

With a modern and efficient management system at our workshop  in Terna, Accra we have capabilities in;

Our Strength

FABRICATION of pump bases and A frames, Install support frames  and decking for accommodation for offshore barges.

MECHANICAL REPAIRS on pumps, compressors and engines.

HYDRAULIC – trouble shoot hydraulic systems.

ELECTRICAL – installation & maintenance of electrical systems.